indoor grown CBD in Europe

Let‘s get a bit deeper into this: We have several hemp cultivations across Europe: Spain (Barcelona), Italy ( Milan and Vicenza), and Croatia.

All our crops are indoor grown, to ensure the best environment for our plants and get the most out of each genetics.

Every step of the process from the temperature, soil, light and humidity are carefully examined in order to craft the highest quality flowers in the game.

Besides the traditional hemp farming methods, we implemented the crop steering technique, which allows us to produce bigger flowers with better quality

As first-hand producers, we are aware that hemp flavor and taste are everything.

So we make sure our buds blossom into the most tasteful flowers, compact and rich, different and unique in their shapes and terpenes.

We offer a range of products that are identifiable for their bright green, vivid orange, and purple hues as well as their lush terpene essence.

Every strain is different, framed with care and passion in order to certify the legal requirements for commercial use: our CBD flowers are non-psychoactive and contain less than 0.2 % THC. 

young woman rolling CBD blunt


You don't like to choose? perfect, these are the recommended products for a good start.

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