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    MAC is one of our signature products.

    It comes from the blend of the citrusy Lemonchello and the punchy V1, yet we added our unique twist to it.

    The terpene is intense and fresh with a soft citrus note.

    The color is emerald green coated in a frosty white resin that is hard to find in the CBD world.

    This sounds all very special, Mate, Absolutely Cracking!


    Our Royal Cheese is for those fine tasters.

    Born from the cross of the Auto Widow by CBD seeds and the Cheese by Dinafem, its terpene is unique and complex: starting from an unmistakable Skunk base and a floral note, layered with a rich and penetrating cheese aroma.

    A barely perceptible citrus aftertaste is the final kick that will just make you want more.

    Call the crew and set up the sesh.

    Sharing is caring :)


    This strain is a real chiller, not a killer.

    It features chunky coals that explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emits a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavors.

    You’ll be drifting off to the sunny shores, happy and relaxed but still alert and focused.

    Do you see the sunset?

    Sit back, unwind and light up some Zkittlez.


  • Speakeasy

    You got here through word of mouth or a friend's referral. And that’s what we like. It‘s exclusive, familiar and for top quality CBD users only.

    Our content has something special, and we share it with the Budgrounders.

    Sharing is caring, on a fresh new level.

  • Quality

    CBD flowers in their purest form and taste. We started producing in 2018  and we kept growing our hemp with passion and dedication.

    Handpicked and carefully selected, our products are the finest in the market, have you tried them yet?

  • Flexing

    We have our eyes on the scene.

    The city moves quickly and we spot the best stuff for our Budgrounders: yummy restaurants, trendy shops, music festivals, exhibitions, and the latest news from the Big Smoke.

    You chill, we keep up with the hustle and bustle. 

    Take a peek at our journal!

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